Friday, September 18, 2015

Our quilt shopping trip 08/2015

 Our send off crew!
 Shopped our way to Grand Rapids!
 Old favorite stand-by shop
 Tina and Diane: we happy!
 Arrived at Motel; walk time to guess where?
 Sandi had to have her Bigby coffee
 Checking out our stash: nice material!
 Quilt show; downtown Grand Rapids Convention Center
 Tina needs a break: chilling outside by the river
 Kelly is leaving us: Bye!
 Time to soothe our legs: on our feet all day!
 Now we shop our way home!
 Really nice quilt shop: bought there.
 And More shops; we can't help ourselves!
 Trunk filling up with bounty
 Now that is a bridge! we fit over it.
 Coolest shop in Marshal, MI
HOME!!! It was a fun trip.


  1. That was a fun trip. Thanks San for the pictorial! Let's do it again, girls, real soon. Tina

  2. Good pictures Sandi, we had such fun, can't wait till the next trip